I am Person of interest – as a Warrior for Human rights in Prisons and Isolatioen 1982-1985 and after reunion of Intelligence STASI and BND WHY?


MERIDIAN EXPRESS is just living Ostbahnhof the mainr direction ailwaystation of former East Berlin GDR direction Belgrade in Yugoslavia

In  the  Darkness of Oktober the 29 in the Year 1985  01:40  four Oficers  put me on the MERIDIAN EXPRES in Bad Schandau and sent me directon Belgrade after 3,5 Years war in GDR Prisons I had been fighting against the  inhuman Communist System in GDR. Oficer Hans Theodor Richardt mabye had  the licence and Order to kill me somewhere in Hungary? He  was ttravelling with me or waiting for me in Hungary. My Ex Wife,  „Julia“ of Markus Wolf, the former Boss of Spions abroad, had been waiting on a message about fulfield order that night….28. to 29.october 1985.

Here is the third page only, which BND man Harald Both had given to me. It´s only a short notice of the plan how to eliminate me when th train is passing Hungary.

Wen der Zug durch Ungarn fährt steigt Lauks nicht (mehr) ein...heißt für Lauks soviel wie: Dieser Zug endet hier – die Reise endet HIER…

Mabye the God Father or an Guardian Angel sebd by gid told me around  02:30 when MERIDIAN reached Usti nad Labem in Czekoslovakia: “ Adam, stend up and live the Train.  With no money in my coat and only railway Ticket to ride  direction Belgrade  to Novi Sad. I stand up and left the train at 02.30 in Usty nad Labem in this low late October night 1985. I walked down to the Riverside og Elbe, put autumn leaves over me and  I catched the sleep and have been dreaming as a just born baby till the sun schining in my face awaked me. So  I survived and can write and post this. 35 Years after they came to lock me up, and destroy my family and to destroy my life.

The plan to kill „Merkur“ had already existed  before my Ex-Wife as a Spion of Marcus Wolf intelligence left GDR with our tw girls to live in Ljubljana wher I had have to started my Job in the main office of Ljubljanska banka.

At the adriatic coast I tried to start a new existence renting boats, instructing waterskiing and teach windsurfing. After 5 unforgettable  life at the seaside 5 meters from the waterline. Just at thet time  started united Germany under leaderchip of Cancler Helmut Kohl  blessed  by USA to destroy my Contry, my Homeland Yugoslavia.  W H Y Germany have done this with suport of  CIA, MI5, BND and Vatican have don this, is the Question which  til today is answered with LIES! Nothing but LIES.

USA and his slaves Germany started   with Export of DEMOCRACY in Yugoslavia first. Yugoslavia  was the first victim of western Demokracy. The real Answer WHY Yugoslavia had to  bee terminated and destroyed is: Germany wanted and had intention to cancell and eliminate  the Weapons Saler Nr.4 in the world who Yugoslavia was under the leadership of president TITO. My Homeland was an independent, open and free Country and  the friendchip with USA had a long tradition. In second civil war Yugoslavia and USA were Brothers in Arms and belongs to the winner.

With two little Girls we escaped from Yugoslavia when destroying had begun and came to Germany.

On the 7.12.1991 I have written my first Letter to reverent Joachim Gauck in, – 2012 he became President of Germany, – his Gauck Agency and ask him to help me  with files  from STASI Archives which hie hold in his hand. I could have any Idea thet my letter was sent to united intelligences from East and West of Germany.

STASI and BND maried on 4.10.1990 when Mister Gauck bekame boss of this new and completly uncontrolled Intelligence. As a fourth man in the Agency was mister Harald Both, comming from BND and he  had to lead  the Causa of Victim of STASI-Torture who Adam Lauks  was and is living as  a Person of interest withoth status of Torturef person.

Germany ignored the international low, and has no § for punnishing torture. This is the reaason why I shal never reach Justice as long as I live, because of ignorance and deep inhumanity in Germanys System.

As refugee landed in Berlin I became Person of interest  as an Anemy of STASI in Former DDR in united Germany´s.

Bei einer persönlichen Begegnung in der Höhle des Löwen sagte ich ihm das ins Gesicht, dass jeder in der Behörde weiß dass er BND Mann sei..
Wenn ich gegen Sie vorgehen würde wie ich könnte..“ … es war eine Drohung, auch das sagte ich ihm in s Gesicht. Was hindert Sie den daran??? Bis JETZT hatte er die Drohung noch nicht realisiert sonst wurde ich nicht tippen und den Lesern WAHRHEIT über die STASI einschenken.





Über stasifolteropferadamlauks

I am 66 Years old and I do promote acommodations on the adriatic´s sea beaches for holiday in apartments close to the sea-close to the mediteranian beauty. I am still victim of torture in STASI-Prison 1982-1985. I never reacht Justice and satisfaction by Germany´s goverment after 30 Years ! I am fighting for the implementation of § TORTURE in Germany´s low.
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