D -EU, NATO and Slovenija You all had never learned this Lesson!: “Rule number one in the textbook of war: do not march on Moscow.” (English Field Marshal Lord Montgomery.)

“Rule number one in the textbook of war: do not march on Moscow.”                      (English Field Marshal Lord Montgomery.)




15 April 2023
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Europe or NATO – there is no longer any difference between them – is at war against Russia. So said the German foreign minister. The Slovenian foreign minister follows suit. She, too, declared that “we are at war”. The more incompetent and apparently stupid among the Eurocratic politicians are revealing the truth that their more experienced and cunning colleagues are not saying. At least that German chick can at least jump on a trampoline, I suppose. And even then, some people are able to say that she is a ‘failed gymnast’. I do not know what qualifications Mrs Fajon has for the job. What have we done that we have to have her as Foreign Minister?
Some people think that this kind of talk about war is frivolous. It is not. It is extremely serious and extremely irresponsible. Every time we make such a statement, we are going one step deeper into war. When, if this goes on, they start sending our soldiers to the Eastern Front again, just as another empire sent our grandfathers and great-grandfathers to Galicia and the Third Reich sent forced mobilisers, we will be able to thank Tanja Fajon and Robert Golob for supporting her. These people are driving us straight into disaster.
The difference between the First World War and the Third World War that is breaking out is that the Austro-Hungarian Empire fought on its own territory, while the empire that is waging war in Ukraine today has no ties to these places. The war is being fought for it on foreign territory by foreign military forces. There is also the difference that we were an Austrian province then, and today we pretend to be an independent state. But since we have had this country, our political elites have been selling it off and dismantling it and subordinating it to foreign interests. With every new government, we are more and more subject to foreign power centres and globalist forces. The current one is the most extremist in this respect. It is pushing a globalist agenda with both hands, without any restraint and without any thought about what it means, what it brings us, and it has its own ‘civil society’ to support it. These are globalist fundamentalists. Mrs Fajon has afforded herself an expensive trip to Davos to declare that the interests of the globalist world order are above our national interests. We are paying her to work against us.
The Slovenian Government is, of course, just a cog without its own motive power in the European power machine. It has entered a self-destructive phase. When Europe wages this war, it is in fact at war against itself. Firstly, because Ukraine and Russia are part of Europe; and secondly, and more importantly, because this war is against its most fundamental, existential interests. It is allowing itself to be destroyed and it is destroying itself. It is being destroyed by the US, it is being self-destructed by the Eurocrats, by the political elite of the European Union.
The economist Michael Hudson made it clear as early as last February that the problem for US strategists was not the Russian or Chinese threat to Europe, but the absence of such a threat. The threat had to be created in order to bind Europe more tightly to itself: to forgo mutually beneficial economic relations with Russia and China and be forced into dependence on imports of more expensive goods from the US, to maintain the need for the existence of NATO and to secure and accelerate the sale of US arms and military equipment to so-called allies.
According to official doctrine, the US must not allow a rival to emerge to its leading political-economic role in the world, even if that rival is one of its allies. The weaker US political power and the less economically competitive the US is, the stronger its tendency to eliminate those it sees as rivals and to subjugate its allies. The European Union became competitive, its economic engine was Germany, and the German economy relied on imports of low-cost Russian energy products. That is why the US opposed from the outset the construction and then the use of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The sanctions against Russia, already imposed after the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation, had the task of disrupting European economic cooperation with Russia. The plans to block Nord Stream 2 were intensified at least a year before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, and the new sanctions, which also began to be drawn up several months before the Russian military intervention in Ukraine, were intended to isolate Europe even more.
Since the journalist Seymour Hersh recently published his research into the terrorist attack on the Nord Stream, we have known that the US was preparing this attack as early as the end of 2021, at least two months before the Russian military intervention in Ukraine. All they needed was a casus belli, a pretext to start a war. They have been preparing for war since the coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014 and have involved European countries, NATO members, in the preparations. However, the unprovoked aggression of the West against Russia has been dragging on and escalating since the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The US and its European enablers have provoked a war against Russia in order to weaken China’s most important ally. This war was conceived as a stepping stone towards a confrontation with China, which the Americans see as their main rival. They decided to do so because they were more or less correct in their assessment of Russia’s natural wealth, which they want to seize, and completely wrong in their assessment of Russia’s political cohesion, economic strength and military power. This is Sun Cu turned upside down. If Sun Cu advised the wise warlord to ensure victory before going into battle, the so-called collective West, through its contemptuous ignorance of the enemy and overestimation of itself, has lost the war before going into battle.
But the war against Russia was also a war against Europe and, in particular, against Germany. The destruction of the European economy and the disintegration of European politics and the degeneration of European culture is not collateral damage of the war against Russia, but one of the two main objectives of the war. Under the bloody spectacle of the fighting, to which Ukraine has contributed its territory and its war-capable population, a civil war is being waged in the collective West, a struggle without mercy within NATO. The American mining of the Nord Stream is de facto and de jure an act of war. The US has attacked perhaps its most important ally in Europe and dealt a death blow to the European economy.
Unprecedented war propaganda is blinding us to this aspect of the war. The demonisation of the Russians, of Russia and of everything Russian, the demonic Russophobia that not only measures up to but also goes beyond the Nazi anti-Russian propaganda, ensures that we do not see the true face of evil, the face of real evil. We can be confused all the more easily because we ourselves are taking part in this war, because it is being waged by the Eurocratic elites, and because a large part of the population approves and supports it. It is really hard to imagine that we are waging a war against ourselves. This defies what we call common sense or common sense. But it, too, is a victim of war and war propaganda.
It is a question of European political elites adopting and implementing American policy, of promoting American interests. There is no consensus between American and European interests, between US and European interests. They are opposed and even mutually exclusive. At the same time, there are common interests between the US globalist elites, or the US-domiciled globalist elites, and the European globalist elites. The European globalist elites have common interests first among themselves, regardless of national origin, and then with the American globalist elites. There is a common class consciousness and solidarity between them, and they work in a cohesive way. One and the other, and all together, are working against the vital interests of their own subordinate populations. European political elites are more radical. Eurocrats and Eurocratic women, such as the two foreign ministers mentioned at the beginning, not only have nothing in common with the people who elected them. They are no less at war on behalf of Europe than they are at war against it, against their own population, dragging it into war. They are elected traitors to national interests.
Not all of them are elected. The unelected, who are also formally accountable to no one, but who are dependent on the forces that have put them in positions of power, bypassing the people and democratic procedures, have an ever greater say. One such person, the President of the European Commission, who is demonstrably incompetent and corrupt, and who, like the German Foreign Minister, is a Nazi granddaughter, has unwittingly spoken the truth about the Ukrainian war. Perhaps it is not right to say ‘unintentionally’, but most probably what she actually said was not the intention of the message. She said: ‘Ukraine has become the centre of our continent. It is the place where our values are preserved, our freedom defended and the future of Europe is written.”
Let us leave ‘values’ aside. They are spoken about by politicians who have nothing else to say – nothing that has anything to do with the needs, problems and desires of a subjugated population. Their reference to values is a toxic fog to hide the fact that they have no legitimacy. Nor is there any point in defending “freedom” from abuse here. It is a dead word in their mouths, and worse, a murderous word. Let us ask ourselves in what sense Ukraine has become the ‘centre of our continent’ and what ‘the future of Europe’ is being written.
The Eurocrats and their American masters care little for Ukraine. They have sacrificed it cold-bloodedly, callously, ruthlessly and cruelly to their political agenda and, increasingly, outright madness. Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are the biggest direct victims of the West’s war against Russia in Ukraine. If these Westerners really cared about Ukraine, the war would not have happened, not the civil war in Ukraine and the eight-year shelling of the civilian population in the Donbas, and not the Russian military intervention. If they had cared about Ukraine after the war had already broken out, they would not have mined the Istanbul Peace Agreement. And if they had cared about Ukraine, they would not have fomented war with political pressure, total propaganda and military aid. Ukraine has become the ‘centre’ of Europe in the sense that it has become the central reference point of European politics and its propaganda. It has become a pretext for the accelerated imposition of the anti-human policies of the European elites, for their anti-democratic coup, for the concentration of power in their hands, for the subjection of the population to a state of emergency and the suspension of rights, freedoms and legality. ‘Ukraine’ is the mark of the beast which, as the book says, ‘deceives the inhabitants of the earth’ and by which its servants are identified.
We shall see what kind of future we have in Ukraine if we look at what is happening there. I am not referring here so much to the war itself as to the social and political changes that are taking place in a war situation, which the war makes possible, calls for, forces.
The so-called democratisation that followed the collapse of socialism has, as elsewhere in Eastern Europe, led to the enthronement of a predatory oligarchy in Ukraine. This, in collaboration with the looters from the West, has so plundered the country that Ukraine, the first country in Europe in terms of natural wealth, has become the poorest country in Europe. The coup d’état was followed by a war which only strengthened the negative tendencies.
Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe. There is probably more corruption only at supranational level, in the institutions of the European Union. Key positions in the state apparatus, especially in the security bodies, have been taken by neo-Nazis, descendants and successors of Nazi collaborators and war criminals during the Second World War. Their ideology, Banderism, has become the official ideology. The regime has banned opposition parties and persecutes and imprisons opposition politicians. It has also banned independent, opposition and critical media. Journalists and other critics of the regime are being harassed, persecuted, blacklisted and even killed. He has abolished Russian and Hungarian as official languages, banishing them from public use. He has banned the Russian Orthodox Church. He has abolished workers’ rights. He silenced peasants who protested against the mass theft and sale of arable land. Two years ago, a state audit concluded that five million hectares of state-owned agricultural land had simply ‘disappeared’. The regime has adopted by-laws that allow foreigners to seize land, even though the constitution does not allow it. According to some estimates, large foreign corporations already own more than 16 million hectares of prime arable land. The regime has offered for sale and privatisation on the New York Stock Exchange what is left of the national wealth. Finally, it has put the future of Ukraine in the hands, that is to say the claws, of the Blackrock Corporation, the largest private investment fund in the world.
If anyone is looking for a dystopia, a negative utopia, it is here. It is happening in Ukraine. This is what the President of the European Commission calls ‘the future of Europe’, our future. So what is this future? A country that is without rights and freedoms and without the rule of law. A country ruled by armed, murderous autocracy. A country in which biological weapons are researched and produced without supervision. A country in which a large part of the population is declared subhuman, dehumanised. A country in which a radical depopulation is being carried out. A country where arable land is in the hands of foreign corporations, which abuse it for their genetically modified crops or extractivist interventions (such as ‘fracking’), a country where the people are deprived of their food sovereignty. A country that has been completely surrendered to corporate speculative capital and placed under the dictates of distant technocratic elites. A country that is no longer a country. Such a state of affairs, where rights, freedoms and laws no longer exist, where even the state no longer exists, and where corporations directly control the population, is by definition fascism. Since this is the future of Europe, for which we are at war, let us call it: Eurofascism.
Is that really our future? No, there is no future in this future. Will we be able to find a way out of this radical evil, to gather the strength to resist and survive?
Contribution by Dr. Tomaž Mastnak for the self-published newspaper KAŽIPOT


by Tomaž Mastinak

30 May 2023
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This is no longer news, but it remains a day of national shame that must not be forgotten. It is the visit of the Slovenian Prime Minister Golob to Kiev. What drove him there?

I heard that perhaps he wanted to improve his poll ratings by visiting Mr Zelensky. That would be nonsensical. The majority of the population does not support the state party summit’s policy towards the war in Ukraine, and the visit to Kiev has at best reduced Golob’s “popularity”. But stupidity is the order of the day among today’s top politicians. Perhaps he was only there because the opposition in parliament began to question Slovenia’s “Ukrainian orientation” and Janša also travelled to Kiev? In this respect, he only showed once again that there is no difference between government and opposition. Such speculations are wrong in principle, because they assume that leading politicians base their actions on the mood of the people. The people are no longer a factor in their calculations. The people are being fooled. They work according to the expectations and demands of those higher up than themselves.

All European leaders have to go to Kiev. It is like a pilgrimage to pay homage to the military idol that the Western propaganda machine has made Zelensky into. With this idolatry, the politicians show that they belong to the right religion. If they did not go, they would be apostates, subject to the hellish punishments of Brussels’ top politicians and the Washington regime. But these rites in Kiev hardly resemble feudal expressions of submission, allegiance and loyalty, except that Zelensky is merely a convenient and interchangeable proxy, no more than an animated emblem of supreme power. The throne of the supreme lord is far away, but he sees and knows everything. In public, this is presented as a sign of support for Ukraine, but in reality the pilgrim politicians secure the approval and support of the supranational power centres. Above all, they theatrically support Euro-American – and in the last instance American – policy and the war in Ukraine.

On the one hand, European leaders make a pilgrimage to Kiev; on the other, Ukraine symbolically enters European political institutions, usually the chambers of deputies. There is probably no European parliament to which Mr Zelensky has not yet addressed himself. In these moments, the parliaments convey the message that they do not represent the people, but are a space where the spectacle of the independent political elites is performed in order to demonstrate, also in this way, their attachment to the supranational power centres waging war in Ukraine. When Mr Zelensky addressed our parliament, the entire leadership of the country crowded into the building to give him a standing ovation. Not everywhere is so shamefully pathetic. When Zelenski entered the Austrian parliament recently, quite a number of MPs left the chamber in protest. In Greece, too, some parties protested because he had brought a representative of the Nazi paramilitaries. Usually, however, these appearances pass off without friction. And if every visit of a European politician to Kiev prolongs the suffering of the Ukrainian people and is a nail in the coffin of Ukraine (and at the same time buries Europe), then the intrusion of Zelensky into European parliaments is a destruction of democracy.

So the Golob showed who he is. (No, he’s not one of ours.) Particularly disgusting was the performance in which she took part. The high-profile Piarovars, who are the shock fists of the NATO war in Ukraine, set up a stage in Buche near Kiev and spelled out the name in English – for propaganda use in the West. The show was dedicated to commemorating the victims of a war crime committed in that town a year ago and demanding punishment for the Russians who allegedly committed the crime.

There has been no independent investigation into this crime. The Ukrainian government claims that a large number of bodies were found after the liberation of the town. The “Russian occupier” is said to have massacred 1,400 civilians there. The Slovenian media, of course, faithfully repeat all this. In reality, Buche was not “liberated”, but the Russian army withdrew from the town. This was a goodwill gesture in support of the peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine that was concluded in Istanbul at the time (the agreement was quickly bypassed by the US and the UK). The publicly available footage shows that there were no bodies in Butsha after the Russian army left. The dead only appeared on the streets after the arrival of Ukrainian police “safari” special forces. Audio recordings have been preserved of them asking residents to stay indoors as they would be looking for “collaborators”. Forensic experts assessed the bodies as “fresh” based on the Ukrainian recordings.
But doesn’t the Golob have anyone who could inform him of a few basic facts, if he hasn’t already done so himself? This is probably a naive question. Who cares about facts or truth in a propaganda war? Prime Minister Golob is participating in it, either willingly and knowingly or out of ignorance and stupidity. In any case, he is gambling with the reputation of the Slovenian state, bringing shame on us and gambling with our future. He is submitting to the forces that provoked the war in Ukraine and will not allow it to end.

The Golob also had his say in the propaganda show in Butsha. She concluded her speech with the words: “Your flag is now also our flag. In Slovenia it hangs in front of all government buildings, including my office as prime minister. Today we are all Ukrainians and we are united as never before. Glory to Ukraine!” When the previous government started to fly first the Israeli flag and then the Ukrainian flag next to the Slovenian flag, there were warnings that this was not in accordance with the applicable law. Today, our authorities are subject to higher laws. And what kind of independent country is this that displays foreign flags?

“We are all Ukrainians” is, on the one hand, a cheap rhetorical phrase and, on the other, a statement that is as spiteful as it gets. Does the Golob want us, like Ukrainians, to live in fear, without rights and freedoms, without labour rights, without political opposition, without independent media, without religious freedom, without our own farmland and food, in the clutches of foreign corporations, without any sovereignty, in a country that destroys its own population and serves only foreign interests? Is he calling for war against us? Together with the Foreign Minister and others like her, he could succeed all too soon.
“Glory to Ukraine” is a banderisitic Nazi salute. The Ukrainian Nazis also committed crimes here during the Second World War, when German Nazi commandos were sent to our country. The memory of this is still alive in the population. And now, in today’s Banderistan, our Prime Minister shouts ‘Glory to Ukraine!’ This salute is a sign of the re-Nazification, the gradual re-Nazification of Europe. The Golob gives it his voice.
After three decades of ‘independence’ and nine years of war, Ukraine has essentially become a fascist state. Some of this fascism is self-generated, and some of the Nazi and neo-Nazi groups and formations have been cultivated by the Americans, and with them by NATO, to weaken Russia. Finally, these people have usurped the state apparatus, especially the repressive and ideological apparatuses of the state, and some of them terrorise the population with weapons in their hands. They have also subjected the population to terrible indoctrination, propagandist brainwashing and the fomentation of hatred. The Poles, who are closer to war and are literally forced into it by their government, consider this a “cultural and civilisational problem”. In the online medium “Mysl Polska”, a writer who certainly cannot be accused of Russophilia wrote, among other things:

“In the case of Ukrainian refugees, whom we consider our Slavic brothers, we see with great sadness the consequences of long-lasting Nazi indoctrination. The state cult around Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych and other Hitler collaborators leaves a lasting mark on every subsequent generation of Ukrainians. The regime does these people a terrible injustice by educating them to hate their neighbours, ethnic and religious minorities and anyone who does not worship the criminal cult. Ukraine is a territory that urgently needs to be de-nationalised, and while it is sad that this is now taking the form of a fratricidal war, we must not turn a blind eye to the neo-Nazi nature of the modern Ukrainian state and its authorities.”

This is not allowed to be discussed in the media. Yet the West supports it. The Golob has gone to show his support, knowingly or unknowingly, out of corruption or ignorance – whatever. He has identified himself with it. Do we really want him to identify our country and all of us with it? So far, no one has protested.

Article by Dr Tomaž Mastnak for the self-published newspaper Kažipot.

Translated with DeepL

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I am 72 Years old and I I am still victim of torture in STASI-Prison in former GDR 1982-1985. I never reached Justice and satisfaction by Germany´s goverment after 40 Years injustice ! I am fighting for the implementation § TORTURE in Germany´s national low.
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