The President of FR Germany Joachim Gauck was wearing the responsibility for this case as a Cheef of BStU ( Gauck Behörde) in 1994.I never reached justice ac victim of torture and my torturer stayed withouth punishment, wearing my blood on their hands todey !!!

Iff You trust in me and in the Jesus Christ please sign !!!


Die Akten wurden nicht überstellt und in der Mitteilung nicht genannt.

Diese Mappe untersschlug die Gauckbehörde der Staatsanwaltschaft II

This  MAP under Registry  MFS HA VGII/8 ZMA  Nr.577/85  have been included files and evidences of violence on Adam Lauks, evidences of Torture  stayed hidden in Jailhospital Leipzig

after finnished investigations 76 Js 1792/93. The lord helped  to find them in January 2010 – compleetly under 1.080 pages !? The truth about Prisoners  was  NOT in Gauck files !

The  files  of Gauck agency have been well sellected and sorted by  68 former officer the STASI.


Sein "Bad im Volk" fand statt unter diesem Plakat .. er verschwand fluchtartig

Die 13 Secunden im ZDF Bericht waren ein Teil von seinem kaum über eine Minute dauerndem Bad in der Menge. Bei Obama oder Putin sieht das besser aus..die sind anscheinend viel viel wichtiger..

said in Halle an der Saale 20 Years ago: “Immer wieder fällt uns auch auf dass wir in einem tief kranken Land leben…In einer Landschaft der Lüge, und es gibt Menschen jeder Bildungsstufe die lügen bis zum Letzten “

On March/18/2012 on the day off election I ran from Alexanderplatz to the Reichstag at the 11th To welcome President of Germany. That he and his Gauck Authority had wronged me and torture me like this, I only found out in January 2013 .. the lawsuit was the consequence. Of course you will not take away his immunity, it has only prevented the prosecution and protected the perpetrators to drastic punishment. Exported in a true state of law, democracy, would for the incitement to torture and stand for 5 years + 10 years + for the torture … the way to know how well Gauck and his authority were the Secret Police torturers and criminals also medium and heavy. Here is my WELCOME MISTER PRESIDENT to Joachim Gauck is after the election on 03.18.2012. I have reduced him to be with the crowd at 1.5 minutes. When he saw the sign, he got into the Daimler is from the wrong side and ran away. Bad in the amount of a popularly elected president is different. This THE GERMAN CHANCELLOR OF VOLKE and was elected … Between the minute 2:11 and minute 3:07, he had to take my poster in inspection, as appearances object of German history. On the confession of his „church in socialism his flock are still waiting in vain …! – this video was suddenly cancelled by ZDF

Man kann einen Menschen vernichten, aber nicht seine Wahrheit

20 Jahre suche nach Gerechtigkeit für Adam Lauks und seine Folterer

Galileo Galilei said: Who not knowes what the truthi is,is  a simple foolishman. But who knows  the truth and  rename  it into Lie, is  a criminal !


Criminal charges against the employees of the security service of the GDR Bundesbeauftagten.

I hereby refunded,

Adam Lauks,

residing Zossenerstr. 66,

12629 Berlin,

Investigation of Stasi employees, because obstruction of justice in office in accordance with paragraph 258a of the Criminal Code including The display is located on the following facts:

In the investigation including the Berlin public prosecutor against Dr. Wendt, Dr. Merrgans for injury to my account, A2 76 Js 1792/93 of BtSU ( Gauck Behörde)  from Berlin police president was asked to write from 20.12 in 1993 to publish the relevant documents in original as possible evidence. The reasoning in detail is given in the above letter.

Evidence: Letter of the Chief of Police at the Berlin Stasi for personal documents of the former State Security Service on 20.12.93 in copy. Appendix 1 replied by letter dated 05.07.1994 of the employees of the Stasi, the basis of the present here on L. documents (Stasi AKK 5478/81, can not MfS AKK 1423/85 and MfS AU 3455/83 (…) to prove abuse . also clarified the Stasi: the investigation process AU 3455/83, which was created to other people, the activities of L. might be mentioned, however, it contains no Vernehnungsprotokolle or sticky pads This response led to the conclusion that employees complete. made investigations and associated information had proof letter of the Stasi police chief of Berlin from 5 7 1994 in Appendix 2 do not copy the relevant details were truthfully because evidence in the existence of the Stasi under MfS HA V |… | / 8 No. ZMA 577/85 existing instant reports actually serious injury was recorded. particular, a mandibular fracture and a left eye Hämatom.

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 001


This letter was ignored by Gauck Behörde which mister Gauck started with 68 former  officers  of SRASI after October the third 1990.  These  STASI-peoples  have made decission who will get a Job in Gauck Agency.

Priority had  the Communists from  te former GDR Goverment and Ministeries. Normaly  in the case such as thies, the files  of STASI had hav to bee  overtaken by the National Archive. In that case wouldnt STASI-Officer

and Communists have entrance and couldn controll end select documments  and hide  files about torture and violence. STASI  have placed  her highest SPION in Justice  of GDR  Mister Professor Dr. Jörg Arnold

in the MAX PLANCK INSTITUT Freiburg in Breisgau (Westgermany) where  he  explander the GDR Justice as  Justice of demokracy ever. His STASI name  is  IMS ALTMAN and he was  from 1985-1990 Judge  on the Constitutional

Court of GDR  on highest level, after President . And in August 1988 he  has ben Confirmed as B-Kader – B-Staff of STASI for  taking over the highest court in the case of  war.  

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 002

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 003


Hidden or stolen evidences by Gauck Behörde  1994

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 006

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 007

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 008

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 009

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 010

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 011

Strafanzeige gegen die Gauckbehörde 004

Die Akten wurden nicht überstellt und in der Mitteilung nicht genannt.

Diese Mappe untersschlug die Gauckbehörde der Staatsanwaltschaft II

The West German intelligence and STASI- Eastgerman Statesecurity  had given to President Gauck the Order to hide and hold back all  evidences of middle and havy cases of violence and torture

to preserve STASI. In Salzgitter files have been about 80.000 files with complains and informationes by Priosoners  from GDR Jails about Torture and violence. Only 11 have been punnished- 2(two)

officers only have been arrested for 2,2 and 2,8 Years and left Prison after the half. Mister President Gauck have done verry good Job for the STAZIS at all. And THIS ios also the reason WHY Mis chancler Merkel had have to change her decission

at the seccond selection – stayed under the propositiones included in secret agreement  18.9.190 betwen East and West Intelligences in MfS Hous  Nr 49 – worked out by mister  Werthebach and Schäuble (WEST) and STASI-Generality. This secret Annex to the agreement  about reunion  have tpo stay secret-close for 50 Years, and this can be prolonged.


On 12. September, 11.45  one simply Solder of STAZI – now Lowyer brings me  for the Court. I have no chance to defend my self because I have no money to pay Lowyer.. Who can help !

As You see Victims of Torture and victim of STASI-Terror ar not protected by the low and are still be attaced by STASI differend Charges.  Iff You want to see the last loanlist of STASI, google only : Stasi-Lista

and You  shall finde Details  over 91.000 STASI-Officers and members lisdted.

Schoppmann 28.7.2013 009

Über stasifolteropferadamlauks

I am 72 Years old and I I am still victim of torture in STASI-Prison in former GDR 1982-1985. I never reached Justice and satisfaction by Germany´s goverment after 40 Years injustice ! I am fighting for the implementation § TORTURE in Germany´s national low.
Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Recht im Unrechtsstaat der DDR, The Truth about Torture in GDR Prison, Verleumdung des Folteropfers, Verleumdung und Verhöhnung eines STASI-Folteropfer, Verlogene Gerechtigkeit, Von der STASI am 24.11.10 vor das Gericht gezerrt inHohenschönhausen -Nomen est Omen !??, Zersetzung nach 24 Jahren - und kein Ende veröffentlicht. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink.

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